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Key information to stand out in your sector and enhance the user experience

Business insights to stand out

We offer business insights based on data from more than 350 million of our customers, always ensuring their privacy, as well as other relevant information, so organizations can increase their security and productivity and enhance the end user experience.

The quality of the insights allows our customers to make more efficient decisions and take actions that make them stand out in their sector.

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A comprehensive offer
We work with four types of insights to adapt to different types of business needs:

Crowd analytics

Smart Steps platform

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Consent-based data

Smart Digits Platform

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Connected devices

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Corporate data

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LUCA is a part of the Telefónica Chief Data Office which is part of the Telefónica Global Security Unit, ElevenPaths. At LUCA and ElevenPaths, we share the same Chief Technology Officer, which guarantees security will always be our number one priority in each and every one of our Big Data and Artificial Intelligence services.

Illustration where we show the different business insights that we offer in LUCA

Optimize your results

We help you make more intelligent decisions to transform your business

Other services for your company you may be interested in


We guide you through the digital transformation process with one key objective: to extract information from data to generate differential value all while understanding your business needs and the data you have.


We offer training for your professionals on new Big Data methods and technologies so they may be used as the foundation for your company’s digital transformation.

Data analytics

We process data and apply algorithmic models to convert data into business knowledge so you can make the best business decisions.


We help you reach your marketing and sales goals by segmenting and customizing for your audience.

AI Solutions

We can help you define the necessary Artificial Intelligence strategy to optimize the user experience as they interact with your brand.

Tools and infrastructure

We know companies need solid, reliable and flexible platforms and tools for proper implementation and scalability of Big Data and AI projects.

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