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Get value from your data, reduce fraud associated with the use of the services you offer and enhance the efficiency of your operations

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Big Data and AI in the telcom sector

As a telecommunications company, Telefónica has experienced the digital transformation challenge and we have completed the transformation by starting with complex issues: numerous data models, information silos by areas and operations in different countries and continents as well as different business priorities.

EIn a highly competitive context with the rise of new business models, strict legal regulations and ever more demanding customers, Big Data, AI and Machine Learning technologies are proving to be our main allies in the telecommunications sector.

Our success stories
All our success stories

LUCA Store: Strategic Analysis of O2 Locations

LUCA Store: Strategic Analysis of O2 Locations
All our success stories

Boost your Analytics Centre of Excellence

Your Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Centre of Excellence is what will allow you to take advantage of the value of your data more immediately and effectively. With mixed work teams comprising your company’s and LUCA’s resources, we transfer knowledge and best practices so you can internalize these capabilities within your company in just a few months.

Data monetisation

Our data provides value and even while maintaining strict regulatory compliance, we are capable of generating revenue and growing with solutions that offer value to all sectors for Corporate and Multinational customers.

Find out about our Crowd Analytics products Find out about our Consent-based data products

Unified data model

We make our Unified Data Model for analytics in the communications sector available to you. This model is associated with a series of analytics Use Cases already implemented in our operations which guarantees the success of any project.

Internal Telefónica use cases

We’ve developed and implemented our analytical models in 17 operations and these Use Cases meet any Operator’s needs: Smart Pricing, Devices Recommender, Next Best Action, Customer Churn Reduction, Total VAS Value, Network Planner, Point of Selling Footprint, Revenue Assurance, SMB Market Landscape, etc.


Consulting and Analytics

We do end-to-end Big Data and AI project management starting with strategy definitions to deployment in all levels and areas of a company.

Cultural Transformation

We offer training programmes for technical and business profiles to adapt your employees’ methods and skills to the new data-centred culture.

Business Insights

We work with the telecommunications sector to provide unique insights based on anonymized and aggregate telco data from +350 million customers in our mobile network which define the population’s movements and habits.

Technology, Infrastructure and Security

We make a whole ecosystem available with Big Data tools and technologies, infrastructure and security for proper data management.

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