Towards industry 4.0

Increase the operational efficiency of your production system and optimize your company’s production and distribution chains

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Big Data and AI in the industrial sector

We work with companies in the manufacturing and logistics sectors throughout all phases of the industrial value chain and their global transformation processes towards data-oriented organizations with specific solutions for each business area and issue.

In a sector with delocalized production where customers are ever more digital, achieving an efficient production model, unifying information from different systems and streamlining the production chain are key. That’s why relying on the support of Big Data, Advanced Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and IoT technologies is essential to saving on costs, which has a direct impact on P&L accounts.

Our success stories
All our success stories

LUCA Messaging: HR – V Launch Campaign

LUCA Messaging: HR – V Launch Campaign
Industry 4.0

Optimization of management processes for Navantia

Consulting and analytics for Industry 4.0
Industry 4.0

Administration and maintenance of the Big Data environment

Big Data Industry 4.0 Success stories
All our success stories
Opportunities for Industry


We work with different industrial companies to reduce costs with use cases focusing on operational efficiency such as predicting product quality in advance, minimizing downtime and gaining overall knowledge of the manufacturing process.

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to achieve operational efficiency in the industrial sector

Logistics Sector

We work with different companies in the logistics sector to make their operations more efficient (reducing distribution and delivery times, decreasing consumption, etc.) and increase their knowledge of their customers to more quickly respond to all the changing demands.

Operational Efficiency

Route optimization.

Real-time package tracking.

Sensor systems and package analytics: delivery time optimization.

Stock management.

Know your customer

360º customer vision.

Customer profiling.

Consumption patterns.

Product recommendations.

Targeted marketing.


Consulting and Analytics

We do end-to-end Big Data and AI project management starting with strategy definitions to deployment in all levels and areas of a company.

Cultural Transformation

We offer training programmes for technical and business profiles to adapt your employees’ methods and skills to the new data-centred culture.

Business Insights

We work with the industrial sector to provide unique insights based on anonymized and aggregate telco data from +350 million customers in our mobile network which define the population’s movements and habits.

Technology, Infrastructure and Security

We make a whole ecosystem available with Big Data tools and technologies, infrastructure and security for proper data management.

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