Optimizing the entire supply chain at your company

Improve your customer management, increase your knowledge of your consumers and save costs with data

Success stories

Big Data and AI in the Mass Consumption (FMCG) sector

We work with Mass Consumption companies in their transformation process towards becoming data-oriented organizations. We speed up this transformation throughout the company’s value chain with specific solutions for each business area and issue.

In a highly competitive and constantly evolving market (digitalization, changes in consumer habits...), relying on technologies like Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and IoT as levers to increase revenue and reduce costs is essential.

Opportunities for Mass Consumption

We help companies in the FMCG sector reduce costs, become more efficient in the first phases of the value chain and increase their revenue with better knowledge of their customers and end consumers.


Demand prediction.

Predictive maintenance.

Better product quality.

Storage and Logistics

Stock optimization.

Warehouse management.

Route optimization.

Marketing and Sales

Know your consumers.

Point of sale segmentation.

Identification of potentially high-value customers.


Talent management.

Less rotation.

Optimized work shifts.


Consulting and Analytics

We do end-to-end Big Data and AI project management starting with strategy definitions to deployment in all levels and areas of a company.

Cultural Transformation

We offer training programmes for technical and business profiles to adapt your employees’ methods and skills to the new data-centred culture.

Business Insights

We work with the FMCG sector to provide unique insights based on anonymized and aggregate telco data from +350 million customers in our mobile network which define the population’s movements and habits.

Technology, Infrastructure and Security

We make a whole ecosystem available with Big Data tools and technologies, infrastructure and security for proper data management.

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